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Before I, Let’s talk about Us:

  • Why Letz Reviewz:

Everyone has one passion or desire, by doing that they never get bored or tired, but the problem is that we never follow it or skip it in halfway.

According to a survey, only 7% peoples are happy with their profession, because they choose different fields out from their interest and the main reason behind this is “what people will say”. We all know that we can’t make Six-figure income by following that so-called interest, but remember it is your passion, not profession.

Letz Reviewz is just a way to find inner silence, happiness, satisfaction, and an impulse in my static life. First question people often ask that why you write those lengthy post, folks will always follow famous reviewers. But they will never understand that those few words are not for people, it’s for me because I like to waste my time in watching movies and then love to write about that.

Just because of that love towards writing, I able to build this website in  7 days, by working continuously 16-18 hours per day because


So my tips for all the readers,

  • Get out from your Comfort zone.
  • Fuck the people and do whatever you want.

Alert: It’s going to be long so please who have any urgent work; please screw this page there is much more important in your life.

Now My Story:

So the main question is that who I am? In my life, there is no such achievements or success happened which I can share with you but according to leading marketers About is the most important page of a website, that’s why I am struggling here.
Okay, My name is Ajay Pandey, and I am the Owner and Founder of this website. I am an Internet freak, Content Writer, Movie buff and a Simple human being. By education, I am an Electronics Engineer and going to be a MBA soon.

  • Early Life:

I am from Delhi, Completed my Primary education in Delhi, from starting I was a bright student. I am one of the toppers from my school, but school time is a journey where we have to just read, learn and Vomit that in the exam.

After 12th, like most of the science students, I also choose Engineering. Engineering taught me so many things like bunking classes, Proxies, Creative ways to cheat, how to pass an exam by studying one week and so much.

After entering into Engineering, I realized that I never meant to be there and one day when I am reading “Steve Jobs: 50 Life and Business Lessons” one quote has cleared my doubts that 9-5 Job is not my cup of tea.

Finally, In 2014 I had completed my Engineering with a decent score and joined my family business.

  • So Called Mature Life

I worked hard to understand the tactics and ethics of Business and made our sales increased in very few time. But the society has only one question to my family and me that do you get any job.By ignoring them I kept working on our business, but there is not something creative to do.

One day I was watching an interview of Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), and stuck an idea of making an e-commerce bookstore. I had discussed whole with my friend, and we had decided to make that possible.

We don’t know anything about websites but after few searches, I purchased domain and hosting. We started to work on that websites, but we are newbies, so problems are coming continuously. After few month of hard work and so many conflicts, we had decided to flush the idea.

I exactly know, I suffered highest financial loss on that closure, But then I recalled one line of Sandeep Maheshwari that

Success comes from Experiences and Experiences Comes from Bad Experiences.

Because of this failure I learned two things, the first one is Don’t Depend on anyone, make it by yourself, and the second one is how to build a website.In these few months

So I invested my knowledge in building one for our business, and in a short time, it is listed on search engines also. But that Obsession of doing something Creative is still there.

  • The Moment

One moment is enough to change your thinking, and surprisingly that moment came into my life by watching a movie, Quite funny?.

Maybe it does not seem to be relevant but yes it is true, and the movie was “TAMASHA”, it motivated me to leave the path of mediocrity and write your own story.

I came to my home and wrote my first detailed review of any film, and that was the start of my writing journey. Its about nine months and I had written many articles on Contentmart, Fiverr, Upwork, Huffington post and Yelp.

About one month ago, I got to know an applause for my post from my two 12th mates, and that is the moment I had decided to build a website and make it big. I am not mentioning the name just saying Thanks, Bro.

I am so called a virgin in this blog arena, so please Support me, Subscribe my website and Share with others also.

It’s Not an End, Ye To Suruwat hai…..

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