Guest Posting

Are you a Review freak? Want to share true words but can’t do the same, due to lack of platform? Okay finally you are at right place, say bye-bye to your Facebook posts and submit your genuine reviews with star ratings here.

Letz Reviewz is a newly born website for reviews; Please don’t think that it is a movie review site, it has some twists which you can find later. Currently, we can’t provide you so many social wall of fame as I had mentioned earlier that we are just starting.

According to us, Indians are critics by blood; they always eager to create a list to pros and cons about the happenings in this society. Okay so why would you talk on those topics only at your high time, with a cigarette or by carrying a slice of pizza.

We are the first venture to start guest posting from its day 1, so please share your reviews with us only if you have interest and knowledge.

Topics We Accept:

There are few categories on which currently we are accepting guest posts, these are:

  1. Tech News: Latest Technology News
  2. Products: Any product which has a craze among people, recently launched etc.
  3. Services: Service which has some benefits for readers or recently launched

Important things to know:

Before submitting your views or article, Please take care of these few things:

  1. Poorly written articles will be rejected.
  2. The Article has not been copied from else or not to be posted on another blog in future.
  3. The Article must be at least 1000 words.
  4. Break your sentences in paragraphs.
  5. Don’t overuse bold and italic formatting.
  6. For the main heading use H2 and sub-headings use H3.
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