FAQ: How To Run Whatsapp On Pc Without Smartphone?

Download and Install Whatsapp Messenger on your PC from Google Play Store.

Once in BlueStacks,

  1. Open up Google Play Store and download WhatsApp.
  2. Enter your Whatsapp phone number.
  3. Activate Whatsapp with the activation code sent as SMS to your mobile number.
  4. That’s it. Enjoy all the way!

How do I connect WhatsApp to my PC?

  • To access WhatsApp Web and connect WhatsApp for PC, the first thing you need to do is open the navigation program that you usually use to browse the Internet; then type in the web.whatsapp.com address and press the Enter key on your computer keyboard. On the Internet page that will open,

Can I use WhatsApp on my PC without a phone?

WhatsApp Web allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer. However, it still requires a smartphone to scan the QR code for authentication and works only if the smartphone is connected to a network. Messenger, which is also owned by Facebook can be used on a computer without a smartphone.

How can I use WhatsApp without phone?

Use TextNow to Verify WhatsApp (Method#1)

  1. Download TextNow to your device. Download the TextNow app to your device from the Google Play Store, iTunes App store or the Windows Phone Store.
  2. Open the TextNow app & Note down Your Number.
  3. Open up WhatsApp and Verify Number.
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How can we run WhatsApp on PC?

Open your PC, laptop or tablet browser and head to web.whatsapp.com. On an Android phone open WhatsApp, tap the three dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp web. On an iPhone start WhatsApp, tap the settings icon at the bottom left and choose WhatsApp web/desktop.

How can I get WhatsApp QR code without phone?

Step 1: Download BlueStacks on the web and install it on your PC. Step 2: Open the Bluestacks app store and search WhastApp on the search menu and download it. Step 3: Now, enter your phone number, which you want to use for verification. Step 4: WhatsApp will be successfully installed without scanning the QR code.

How can I open my old WhatsApp without verification code?

Method 1: Use WhatsApp Without Number With Textnow App

  1. #1: Download Textnow App on you Android, iPhone or Windows phone after which you will get a Textnow number.
  2. #2: While setting up the WhatsApp account, enter the Textnow number for verification.
  3. #3: Wait for 5 min for not to verify the WhatsApp number, but fail it.

How can I use WhatsApp without number 2021?

3 Working Methods to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number

  1. 01 Use TextNow to verify WhatsApp. This method requires that you download a messaging app—either TextNow or TextFree.
  2. 02 Use Google Voice Number to verify WhatsApp.
  3. 03 Use Landline number to verify WhatsApp.

How can I use WhatsApp in PC without BlueStacks?

WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without Bluestack | Youwave | Web.whatsapp.com With Images

  1. Step 1: Download Whatsapp APK from Whatsapp.com.
  2. step 2: Select “Download for Android” for Whatsapp for PC.
  3. Step 3: Download Whatsapp For PC.
  4. Step 4: Goto Manymo.com.
  5. Step 5: Sign Up and Download Software.
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How can I use WhatsApp on PC without mobile and BlueStacks?

The WhatsApp APK installer app will be downloaded and saved on your desktop. You need to now install this app inside the Android OS emulator. Now click on View and then click on Apps. You will find a WhatsApp in that list.

Can I use WhatsApp on 2 devices?

Note: You can use WhatsApp on up to four companion devices at one time, but can only have one phone connected to your WhatsApp account at one time. You’ll still need to register your WhatsApp account and link new devices with your phone.

Can we use WhatsApp in laptop without WhatsApp Web?

Open the App Store on the BlueStacks App Player, this allows you to download external applications on your emulator easily. Look for WhatsApp and download the application on the BlueStacks App Player. Enter your mobile number and complete the registration to get access to WhatsApp without a QR Code.

Can you use WhatsApp on a laptop?

There are two ways you can use WhatsApp on your computer: WhatsApp Web: A browser-based application of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Desktop: An application you can download to your computer.

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