How To Connect Arduino To Smartphone?

How can I connect my Arduino to my Android phone?

  • Here is How We Will Be Connecting Arduino with Android Smartphone. In our previously published article, we discussed about USB OTG (On-The-Go), using keyboard, mouse with smartphone using OTG. Basically Arduino is like those keyboard, mouse like electronic devices with an USB port.

How do I connect my Arduino to my smartphone?

You Will Need

  1. Android Phone – The phone used needs to support USB Host Mode (i.e OTG Support).
  2. Arduino – Any version will do, but we used an Uno R3.
  3. Arduino USB Cable.
  4. USB OTG Cable – This component connects the USB cable of your Arduino to the micro-USB port of your Android phone.

How do I connect my Arduino to my Android phone?

Just plug the USB-A to USB-B cable into the female USB of the Host cable. Then plug the USB-B plug into the Arduino and the Mikro USB into the Android device.

Can I program Arduino with my phone?

We can still program it using our Android mobile, Thanks to OTG (On the Go) adaptor. You can do much more things other than powering up your Arduino board with Smart Phone. In this tutorial, we will compile and upload Arduino code using Android Application called “ ArduinoDroid ” which is completely same as Arduino IDE.

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How do I connect my phone to Arduino wireless?

Follow these steps.

  1. connect the red wire to VIN(3.3V) to the +3.3V power from the microcontroller.
  2. connect the black wire to the ground.
  3. connect the green wire to the TX of the Wifi module and microcontroller.
  4. connect the yellow wite to the RX of the wifi module and microcontroller.

How do I connect my phone to Arduino Uno?

We need a simple sketch that will do the following:

  1. Establish a serial connection between the Arduino and the Bluetooth module.
  2. Listen for input on the serial port and process it.
  3. Turn the LED on pin 13 on, if it reads 1 (one) as serial input.
  4. Turn the LED on pin 13 off, if it reads 0 (zero) as serial input.

How do I transfer data from Arduino Bluetooth to my phone?

For this you can check Robo India’s tutorial: Configure Bluetooth Module HC-05 with AT Mode. 5. Mobile app

  1. Download this Application.
  2. Pair your phone with HC-05. for doing this go to Settings->Bluetooth->Scan device->select HC-05 and pair it. Pass code to pair is ‘1234’.
  3. Now, open the app and connect the HC-05 module.

How do I connect my Arduino to Bluetooth?

Arduino Pins | Bluetooth Pins Connect an LED positive to pin 13 of the Arduino through a resistance (valued between 220Ω–1KΩ). Connect its negative to GND, and you’re done with the circuit! You can connect the Bluetooth module to the Arduino using a set of jumper wires and a connector.

Where do I program Arduino?

Arduino programs are written in the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Arduino IDE is a special software running on your system that allows you to write sketches (synonym for program in Arduino language) for different Arduino boards.

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Can Arduino connect to Internet?

The code allows the module to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network and relay data received from the Arduino over serial communication to a server on the Internet or a local network. Next, upload the following code onto the Arduino board to enable communication between the Wi-Fi module and the Arduino.

Can I use Arduino on Android?

You’ll need an Android 4.0 or later device, an Arduino board, and USB OTG cable plus USB-A to USB-B cable for a wired connection. On top of that, you’ll need an Arduino IDE Android app. A USB OTG, or On-the-Go cable allows for reading data from a USB device straight from an Android device.

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