How To Protect Smartphone From Damage?

Here are four ways you can protect your smartphone from physical damage:

  1. Get a Screen Protector. Modern smartphones typically include scratch- and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla Glass or something similar.
  2. Use a Case.
  3. Keep Your Smartphone Dry.
  4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures.

Is it necessary to protect your mobile phone?

  • Today the mobile phone is an integral part of our life. Just as we protect the members of our body from being harmed, it is also necessary that we protect our phone from damage. Nothing is more painful to see your phone getting scratches or worse a cracked screen. We have listed below some tips on how to fruitfully protect it from damage.

How can I protect my mobile phone from damage?

How to Protect Your Phone from Damage

  1. Buy a screen protector.
  2. Use a quality phone case.
  3. Avoid extreme conditions (hot and cold temperatures)
  4. Hold your phone firmly.
  5. Keep the mobile device away from water.
  6. Get phone protection insurance service.
  7. Find a professional phone repair provider.
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How do I protect my cell phone screen from breaking?

The precautions that we are going to discuss today to protect the screen of your phone from cracking are as follows:

  1. Use a bumper case.
  2. Use tempered glass screen protectors.
  3. Use Pop Sockets.
  4. Use skin on your phone for extra grip.
  5. Use a car phone holder.

How do I physically protect my phone?


  1. Buy a Screen protector.
  2. Use a Phone cover.
  3. Refrain your Phone from Extreme temperatures.
  4. Self protects your mobile device.
  5. Small Precautionary measures.

Do smartphone covers really protect phones from damage?

Smartphone covers provide adequate protection to phones. They mostly protect the corners, back, and edges of the phone. A good phone case cover will mitigate the impact of shock and vibration when the smartphone is dropped.

How can I protect my eyes from mobile screen?

How to Protect Eyes from Computer Screen

  1. Use the 20/20/20 Rule. Your eyes aren’t designed to stare all day at something directly in front of you.
  2. Ensure Your Room is Well Lit.
  3. Have Regular Eye Exams.
  4. Reduce Glare.
  5. Use High-Resolution screens.
  6. Reduce Blue Light.
  7. Adjust Screen Settings.
  8. Keep a Sensible Distance.

What is the best way to protect my phone screen?

5 Best ways to Protect Phone Screen

  1. Tempered Glass Protection. Plastic screen protectors are common, but we recommend using tempered glass protectors.
  2. Attach Pop Sockets. A pop socket is a modern invention that gets attached to the backside of your phone.
  3. Use Phone Holders.
  4. Add a Phone Skin.

Is it okay to use phone without screen protector?

No, it won’t be ok to use your phone without the screen protector. Your phone will suffer a horrible tragic death and you won’t be able to live through the decision you made to remove it.

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Can liquid screen protector crack?

Always protect the original screen One of the major disadvantages of liquid screen protectors is that when it is applied, it cannot be removed. Since it doesn’t offer screen crack resistance, it will shatter.

Does liquid glass screen protector really work?

Talking about the thickness or bulkiness, liquid screen protector is the winner. It goes almost invisible on your phone screen while its thickness is extremely thin. At the same time, it can well prevent scratches from happening to your smartphone over the everyday uses.

How use mobile phone safely?

Seven Steps to use Mobile Phones Safely

  1. Avoid long conversation.
  2. Use headsets or speakerphone option.
  3. Keep mobile devices away from your body.
  4. Turn off Cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  5. Avoid calls at places with low signal reception.
  6. Fewer calls More Text.
  7. Use landline telephones.
  8. Keep cell phone away from children.

How do I protect my device?

Here are some practical steps that will help you minimize the exposure of your mobile device to digital threats.

  1. Use strong passwords/biometrics.
  2. Ensure public or free Wi-Fi is protected.
  3. Utilize VPN.
  4. Encrypt your device.
  5. Install an Antivirus application.
  6. Update to the latest software.

What can damage your phone screen?

Crack the display screen. Accidentally or intentionally sitting on the phone, placing heavy objects on top of it or subjecting it to contact with sharp utensils may scratch, crack or shatter the screen. A repair service might be able to replace the screen, but in many cases, this damage is permanent.

Which material is good for phone back cover?

Silicon is usually used for both regular and heavy-duty back-plate cases. It is very lightweight, pleasant to the touch, and can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe. Genuine and PU leather – one of the most popular materials for phone covers.

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Do you really need a phone case?

For overall device protection, a case, which covers the corners, edges and back of a smartphone, is your best bet. A good case will protect your phone from scratches and absorb impact in those areas when your device is dropped.

Should I take off my cracked screen protector?

Your screen protector sacrificed itself for your phone. After an appropriate mourning period (say, ten seconds), carefully remove the broken protector and replace it as soon as possible. Continuing to use a broken glass screen protector can be dangerous, as the sharp cracks can deal out harsh cuts to your fingers.

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