Often asked: How To Change Jio Phone Sim To Smartphone?

Step 1 – Insert your sim card in your smartphone after that you need to install the My Jio app.

  1. My jio app is available for both Android and IOS.
  2. If you have a jio account then you can use the same login detail to login.
  3. From the recharge tab, you need to select SmartPhone Plan.

How to use Jio Phone SIM card in Android mobile?

  • Open the software on your smartphone, then enter the IMEI number of the computer you used in the app using the Jio SIM card. Only press Apply. You need to substitute every three-digit random number for the last three digits of the IMEI number. Turn your phone off and insert your Jio SIM card into Slot 1 and restart your device.

How do I switch my Jio Sim to a smartphone SIM?

Follow These 8 Steps to Use Your Reliance Jio 4G SIM in Any Android Phone

  1. Install the Xposed Installer and IMEI Changer apps.
  2. Enable the modules.
  3. Play with the IMEI number.
  4. Reboot the device.
  5. Troubleshooting might be needed.
  6. LTE Only mode should be selected.
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Can I use Jio Sim in smartphone Jio?

The JioPhone SIM will technically not be locked, IE report said. But in the Reliance JioPhone, only a SIM in Jio’s network can be used. So, if you already have a Jio SIM and are using it, you can also use it with the Jio Phone. Also, the Jio SIM on this JioPhone can later be put on a different 4G VoLTE smartphone.

Can Jio Sim be used in any phone?

You can now use the Jio SIM card on any phone you want that supports VoLTE and has the required LTE bands. Most of the phones launched in India over the last year or two support the required bands and VoLTE, so this should not really be an issue for most users.

What is Jio smartphone plan?

According to the new tariffs, the new all-in-one plans for JioPhone comes in four rates priced at ₹75 (0.1GB/day + 50 SMS), ₹125 (0.5GB/day + 300 SMS), ₹155 (1GB/day + 100 SMS/day), and ₹185 (2GB/day + 100 SMS/day) respectively with 28 days validity.

Can I use Jio 49 plan in any phone?

And rightly so because Jio already had a Rs 153 plan designed for JioPhone users itself. However, you can use the Rs 49 recharge plan on any normal 4G supported smartphone. Now insert the same SIM card on any other 4G smartphone you want and continue using the same benefits.

Can we remove SIM from Jio phone?

Every JioPhone is going to come with a Jio SIM already inside it. Although, pop open the JioPhone rear cover and you will see that it is just a regular nano SIM. You can take it out and put any other SIM — say Airtel or Vodafone’s– into the phone.

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Why Jio SIM is not working in another phone?

— Ensure the SIM is in the primary SIM slot (slot 1) if your phone has dual-SIM functionality. — Ensure that data is turned on for the SIM. On an Android phone, this can be accessed by tapping on the network sign in the notification shade. — Ensure that the phone is set to work with LTE Network.

How can I use two Jio SIM in one phone?

You can use two Jio SIMs in the Smartphone, both the SIM slots are VoLTE enabled. Data will work on one SIM at a time, with the option to swap data on any one SIM.

How do I connect my Android to my Jio phone?

Jio Phone Wi-Fi hotspot feature will be rolled out as an update to all the users gradually

  1. Go to phone’s Settings.
  2. Now, go to the Internet Sharing option available under the Networks and Connectivity setting.
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot by moving the pointer to it and clicking the OK button.

Can we share Jio phone data?

Jio Support Simply follow these steps: Step 1: Open MyJio App. Step 2: Click on ‘Share Data’ from Manage Plan. Step 3: Set data for child account and proceed.

How can I use Jio Sim in Android phone?

For Android Phones

  1. You have to download JioCall from Google Playstore.
  2. After downloading it, you have to configure it using a Jio SIM.
  3. If you have a 4G phone, you can just insert a Jio SIM & the app will auto-configure.
  4. If you have a JioFi with Jio SIM, you can configure any 2G/3G/4G smart phone with it.

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