Often asked: How To Use Smartphone Productively?

Here are 15 ways you can noticeably increase your productivity with your smartphone.

  1. Use your phone for better time management and task scheduling.
  2. Use your phone’s search for anything and everything.
  3. If you have an Android, install visual voicemail.
  4. Let your phone read aloud to you.
  5. Delete your worst time-sucks.

How does a cell phone Make you more productive?

  • The very premise of owning a smartphone is that it makes you a better, more productive person. Combining a medley of technologies into a single device — phone, messaging, navigation, music player, alarm clock, and more — should equip you for almost anything. Right?

How can I use my phone productively?

Here are 8 simple ways to set up your phone for productive work:

  1. Cull pointless apps.
  2. Control your notifications.
  3. Track phone app usage.
  4. Download Google Drive.
  5. Restructure your home screen.
  6. Make use of ‘Do Not Disturb’
  7. Download Pocket.
  8. Be mindful of empty time.

What are 5 tasks you use your smartphone for?

These days, it’s popular to talk about all the ways people are addicted to their smartphones and how they should use them less. Work While Driving

  • Sending or receiving text messages.
  • Sending or receiving emails.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Check the weather or the news.
  • Learn about anything.
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How do I use my smartphone as a tool?

How to Use your Phone as a TOOL

  1. Remove all games and social media apps + block notifications.
  2. Keep USEFUL apps on your screen.
  3. Use a Mid-range phone instead of a Flagship.
  4. Do not check your phone in the first hours of the morning or before bed.

How can I make my phone more fun?

The Coolest Ways To Customize Your Android Phone

  1. Install CyanogenMod.
  2. Use a cool home screen image.
  3. Use a cool wallpaper.
  4. Use new icon sets.
  5. Get some customizable widgets.
  6. Go retro.
  7. Change the launcher.
  8. Use a cool theme.

What to do on your phone when you are bored?

Text an old friend from college (or high school, or camp, etc.) Shoot them a little note to say hi and let them know you’re thinking about them. Play a game of Wordscapes. Fire up some brain cells and expand your vocabulary while you’re at it with this word-based puzzle game.

How can I use my mobile like a pro?

The first step is to activate Android Beam on both devices. Go to Settings> Wireless and networks > More > Android Beam. If the option is gray, you’ll need to activate NFC. You now have an interesting feature activated that many people don’t know about.

What can smartphone be used for?

What can a smartphone do?

  • Make and receive phone calls text messages.
  • Take, show, and store pictures and video.
  • Browse the Internet, and send and receive e-mail.
  • GPS capability for location and navigation.
  • Record and play audio and music.

What cool things can my phone do?

7 awesome things you can do with your Android phone

  • 1/7 Compass and barometer.
  • 2/7 Voice search with the screen off.
  • 3/7 Remote lock or wipe your lost phone.
  • 4/7 Scan barcodes/ Documents.
  • 5/7 Access Chrome tabs from other devices.
  • 6/7 Fitness tracker.
  • 7/7 BONUS: Make your device faster.
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How do I make my smartphone full potential?

10 Android Tips to Unlock Your Phone’s Full Potential

  1. Block calls from people you want to avoid.
  2. Turn your phone into a hotspot for no monthly fee.
  3. Unlock your phone with a Bluetooth device.
  4. Remotely control your desktop PC.
  5. Open visited Web pages when you have no connection.
  6. Increase or decrease the font size.

What can I do on my phone besides social media?

7 Free Apps to Turn to When You Have Downtime (That Are Better Than Social Media)

  • Learn Something New With Blinkist.
  • Keep Yourself Alert With 100 Office Workouts.
  • Grow Your Network With Shapr.
  • Do Some Journaling With Daylio.
  • Build a Healthy Habit With StepBet.
  • Plan Your Next Vacation With Trip.com.

Can you program with a phone?

Mobile phones are basically just mini portable computers these days. The best devices on the market can give you many of the features you can get with a regular laptop. Programming with a smartphone is therefore very possible.

How do I turn my phone into an asset?

4 Ways Your Phone Can be an Asset (Not a Distraction) in College

  1. Note-Taking. One of the best ways to use your phone in the classroom is for taking notes.
  2. Study Schedules & Aids.
  3. Access to Study Groups.
  4. Access to Academic Resources.

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