Often asked: Which Smartphone Support Jio Sim?

Jio Sim Card Supported Mobiles

Best Jio Sim Card Supported Mobiles Models Price
Realme 8i ₹13,999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 ₹15,340
POCO X3 Pro ₹16,999
Realme Narzo 30 ₹12,499


Does the Jio Phone have a dual SIM?

  • For the unknown, the Jio Phone only supports single SIM connectivity and users can only use a Reliance Jio SIM card with the device. However, with the Jio Phone 2, the company is now offering dual-SIM connectivity and this time around, the second SIM slot will let buyers use a connection from any other telecom operator apart from Reliance Jio.

Can Jio sim work on other mobiles?

JioCall can be configured only on one device with a Jio SIM at a time.To use JioCall app on a different device with the same JioFi SIM, you need to configure the app in that phone using JioFi. The app will no longer be functional on your earlier phone/device.

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Can Jio Sim be used in basic phone?

Reliance Jio users cannot use the Nokia 3310 in any way as Jio does not run on phones without a 4G connection. No, you won’t be able to use a Jio SIM card with the Nokia 3310. Not even for calls. In you plan to get the new Nokia 3310, you will have to pair it up with a SIM card from one of the older telecom operators.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with Jio SIM?

Steps to Check VoLTE Support in Reliance Jio Sim Mobile

  1. Insert Reliance Jio sim on your device.
  2. Just Wait for the network signal to come.
  3. You will receive the VoLTE sign under the Status bar or Mobile Network Sign.
  4. This will Confirm VoLTE Support in your Device.

Why Jio SIM is not working in another phone?

— Ensure the SIM is in the primary SIM slot (slot 1) if your phone has dual-SIM functionality. — Ensure that data is turned on for the SIM. On an Android phone, this can be accessed by tapping on the network sign in the notification shade. — Ensure that the phone is set to work with LTE Network.

Is Jio SIM only for 4G phone?

The Jio Phone is a 4G-only handset and will route calls via VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. Notably, Jio offers the only 4G VoLTE network in the country, which means only the company’s SIM cards will work on the phone, leaving out Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL etc.

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Can we PORT Jio to Airtel?

So, if you are looking to switch from Jio to Airtel, you can make use of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) facility that Airtel provides. Airtel, just like other service providers, offers an MNP facility that makes it easy for users to switch their service provider without having to change their number.

Does Jio SIM works in 2G phone?

Earlier, Reliance Jio made it mandatory for the users to have a 4G VoLTE smartphone to avail their unlimited calls and data offers. Well, with the new initiative, the Mukesh Ambani-headed company now extends its reach to the 2G and 3G network users as well.

Does Jio have 2G?

According to the company, Reliance Jio has already upgraded more than 100 million feature phone users onto the JioPhone platform. In its ‘2G-mukt Bharat’ movement, Jio has launched these offers to induct 300 million 2G phone users into its services.

What is this code * * 4636 * *?

If you would like to know who accessed Apps from your phone even though the apps are closed from the screen, then from your phone dialer just dial *#*#4636#*#* it will show up results like Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, Wi-fi Information.

Which phone has VoLTE?

What devices support VoLTE?

  • Apple iPhone 8 and newer models.
  • Galaxy S Series (S8 / S8+ and newer models) including Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 and newer models) including Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy A Series (A10, A20, A32, A50, etc.)
  • LG G Series (G7 and newer models)
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Should I turn on VoLTE?

The most significant advantage of 4G VoLTE is the improved call quality. You can communicate clearly with users on voice calls. While the call quality of previous network generations such as 2G and 3G was not high-definition, 4G VoLTE delivers three times better call quality than 3G and up to six times that of 2G.

How do I activate my Jio SIM in another phone?

Follow These 8 Steps to Use Your Reliance Jio 4G SIM in Any Android Phone

  1. Install the Xposed Installer and IMEI Changer apps.
  2. Enable the modules.
  3. Play with the IMEI number.
  4. Reboot the device.
  5. Troubleshooting might be needed.
  6. LTE Only mode should be selected.

How do I activate my Jio SIM?

Jio Support Please call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process. If you wish to activate only Data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. You can tele-verify your number using one of the following options: Enter 5 Digit PIN received on your alternate number OR.

What to do if Jio SIM not working?

Use Network Radio to Fix Jio Network Issues

  1. Open your smartphone and dial *#*#4636#*#* using the dialler.
  2. Click on phone info and Run Ping Test.
  3. Set preferred network type as LTE/GSM auto.
  4. Switch off the radio and turn it on.
  5. Restart the phone to resolve the issue.

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