Question: How To Use Bhim Without Smartphone?

No Need of Internet or Smartphone: BHIM can be used to make payments even without smartphone or internet connection. One needs to dial *99# from any phone, follow the instructions and choose the apt option from the menu. You can choose to send money, check your transaction history or balance.

Can we use UPI without smartphone?

The internet has been a major barrier for digital payments in India as not everyone has proper connectivity on their phones. However, thanks to USSD-based mobile banking, it’s very much possible to send and receive money via UPI on your Android phone, iPhone, or even a basic feature phone without any data connection.

How do you use UPI on a keypad phone?

To start use the USSD CODE UPI Facility, you have to dial *99# from your mobile. The smartphone user can also use this feature. After dialing *99#, you will get following option in your screen. Select Option:

  1. Send Money.
  2. Request Money.
  3. Check Balance.
  4. My Profile.
  5. Pending Requests.
  6. Transactions.
  7. UPI PIN.
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Does BHIM work on PC?

BHIM app is probably the best way to make faster, safer and easier digital payments. Initially, the government introduced BHIM for Android smartphones only. Later it also launched the BHIM app for iPhone. Hence, you cannot use the BHIM app on PC and any smartphone other than Android or iPhone.

How can I do mobile verification in BHIM again?

Step 1: You have to select your preferred language. Step 2: The app will ask permission from you to send SMS to verify. Step 3: Successful attempt will take you to the home page of the BHIM app. Step 4: If it is an unsuccessful attempt, after 45 seconds an OTP will be sent to your mobile.

How can I send UPI without internet?

Conceptualized as a mobile application based solution primarily catering to internet compatible phones ( smart-phone users), UPI is now available for non-internet based mobile devices ( smartphone as well as basic phones ) in the form of dialing option (*99# ) and is known as USSD 2.0.

Can I use UPI without internet banking?

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) had launched the USSD service in November 2012, almost four years before it launched the UPI network. These two digital payment methods have since been integrated, allowing users to make UPI transactions even without an internet connection.

Is * 99 still working?

How many Banks and TSPs are currently offering *99# service? The list of Banks and TSPs offering *99# service is available under the link on NPCI website. The service works across all GSM service providers and handsets. The service is currently not available for CDMA phones.

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What is USSD * 99?

*99# is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together diverse ecosystem partners such as Banks & TSPs (Telecom Service Providers). Using *99# service, a customer can access financial services by dialling *99# from his/her mobile registered with the bank.

How do I activate my UPI?

To perform UPI registration using BHIM UPI, you will need to download the application from either Google Playstore or Apple App Store. After that, select a language and permit the app to send an SMS to verify. Then, on the homepage, click on ‘create UPI ID’. Enter a prefix to your unique UPI ID and click ‘continue’.

Is BHIM UPI safe?

“BHIM uses three-factor authentication and hence, is relatively more secure from a consumer point of view. It also combines the convenience of a mobile wallet with the security of net banking,” he said.

How can I install BHIM UPI ID?

Open the BHIM app on your phone and go to your Profile. Now tap the menu button (three dots at the top right corner of the screen) and then click the Settings option. Here you will find an option to edit your UPI ID. Then click on the Edit option and then you can add your new UPI ID.

How does BHIM app work?


  1. step. Download and Install BHIM app from Google Play store or Apple App store.
  2. Select your preferred language. step.
  3. step.
  4. Login by setting a 4 digit application password.
  5. step.
  6. Set your UPI PIN by providing last 6 digits and expiry date of debit card.
  7. step.
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Why Bhim app is not verifying mobile number?

Mobile Verification fails occur due to the following reasons: App is unable to send SMS. Network connection is not working.

Why Bhim app is not installing?

To give the permissions back to App, uninstall the app and install it from the play store/app store. You can also check if all the permissions are allowed to BHIM app by going to the settings–> Apps –> click on All apps and then select BHIM App –> Select permissions.

Is there any problem with Bhim app?

Solution Dual SIM Cards may be a reason for BHIM App device binding failed error. To fix this, uses the account registered SIM or Primary mobile number on slot 1 then uninstalls the app and again download the BHIM App to resolve device binding problem. you may also get device binding error due to low RAM on your phone.

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