Readers ask: How To Sell Smartphone Online?

How It Works

  1. Get Your Device Valuation. Download the Cashforphone app, create an account, answer a couple of questions about your overall phone condition and get the best price.
  2. Schedule Pickup. If satisfied with the price, choose a time slot of your convenience & payment mode.
  3. Get Paid.

Where can I Sell my used smartphone?

  • There are a few other marketplaces where you can sell your smartphone, but the one we recommend is Swappa. It has several protections in place to prevent fraud, making it a safer place to buy used phones. You will have to submit a verification photo of your smartphone and provide the IMEI or ESN for a blacklist check.

Which is the best site to sell mobile phones?

5 Best Websites To Recycle And Sell Used Mobile Phones In 2020

  • Cashify. Sell Used Mobiles is perhaps the most popular site in this niche.
  • Budli. Budli is another website that accepts used phones.
  • Moswap. Moswap is another such website that deals in second-hand electronic goods.
  • Atterobay.
  • Karma recycling.
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How can I sell my phone online?

Get the guaranteed best price for your phone or tablet in 4 easy steps

  1. Search for your device. Use our search box to find your mobile or tablet.
  2. Select the best deal. Compare prices so you get the GUARANTEED best deal.
  3. Post your device. Choose which recycler to sell your device to then post it to them.
  4. Get your cash.

How can I sell my smartphone?

Sell to a company The easiest way to get cash for your smartphone is to sell it to a company that buys used smartphones. Just like with the trade-in services, you can get an estimated price online by answering a few questions. That price is usually good and locked in for a fixed period.

Who pays the most for used cell phones?

Are you looking for ways to sell your aging iPhone or your android device? Top Places to Sell Your Cell Phone

  • Buyback Boss.
  • OCBuyBack.
  • Decluttr.
  • Swappa.
  • BuyBackWorld.
  • NextWorth.
  • EcoATM.
  • uSell. For broken cell phones or those that will no longer hold a charge, uSell offers some of the best prices via PayPal or check.

How do you clear a phone to sell it?

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. You’ll be asked to confirm, and it may take a few minutes to complete the process. Start by backing up your Android phone, then remove any MicroSD cards and your SIM card.

How much does phone unlocking cost?

If you want to unlock your phone, you have several options. One way is to take it to a local, independent phone shop which will usually charge you a fee of around £15 for the service. Another method is to do it yourself by getting hold of a code or using a special data cable and software.

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Can you sell your phone at Walmart?

Old cell phones can earn you cash at ECO ATM’s located inside Walmart stores. No matter the make, model or condition you can now drop off old cell phones, ipads and cell phones. Cash is dispensed in minutes and the better condition the phone is in, the more money you’ll get.

How do you flip a phone?

How Do I Flip Phones?

  1. Locate a phone, Gazelle and Craigslist are top choices.
  2. Look online at eBay or Amazon for the market price of the phone.
  3. Make sure it isn’t a stolen phone by checking the serial number or IEMI.
  4. Buy the phone at a reduced rate.
  5. Sell the phone online at eBay or Amazon for more than you paid.
  6. PROFIT!

Does Cashify give cash?

The Instant Cash payment method, refers to Cashify making the payment for your device in cash. The Cashify agent will be handing you the cash payment for your used device at the time of the pickup. There are other payment options too – such as bank transfers and wallets which are supported by Cashify.

Is cash for phone safe?

Privacy and Passwords Cashforphone values and protects the privacy of your information.

How can I get better at selling my phone?

Over-the-phone sales tips for going in prepared

  1. Know the best time to call.
  2. Set a calling goal.
  3. Research your lead’s competitors.
  4. Be prepared to go to voicemail.
  5. Make your introduction count.
  6. Use a script for better time management.
  7. Practice desensitization.
  8. Make time to follow up.

Does GameStop give cash for phones?

GameStop’s trade-in program accepts thousands of items, including a wide range of smartphones, tablets, electronics accessories, and video games and systems. GameStop also accepts damaged or broken items, even if they don’t work anymore. Samples of Top Phone and Electronics Trade Values Include: iPhone 7 = $400.

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Which old mobile phones are worth money?

The 10 most valuable mobile phones are:

  • Pre-production Prototype iPhone 1 – £10,000+
  • Motorola 8000x- £800 – £3,500.
  • Nokia 7700 – £1,000 – £2,000.
  • Mobira Senator NMT- £800 – £2,000.
  • IBM Simon Personal Communicator- £800 – £2,000.
  • Nokia Sapphire 8800 – £500 – £2,000.
  • Technophone PC105T – £600 – £1,500.

Are Old phones worth anything?

How much are old cell phones worth? Old phones can be worth a huge amount! Of course, it all depends on the original retail price of the phone and its age and condition now, popular brands like Apple and Samsung Android devices can still put upwards of $500 in your pocket.

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